a painting of beach huts on a beach by Rory BrowneThe galleries on this website represent a selection of my work. Click on a painting to see a larger version. Please note that this gallery presents just a few of my paintings: at any one time I will have about 80 framed and finished pieces in my studio.

As mentioned on the Home page, in each of my works I try to capture a sense of time and place, to bring a response from the viewer of: “I’ve been there …” To achieve this I often begin the work en plein air, and then refine and finish the work in the studio working from memory, sketches and photographs as well as the original painting.

I use a mixed-media approach. Works on paper predominantly combine watercolour, gouache, pencil and Indian ink. Works on canvas are largely in oil and graphite pencil. I tend to build layer upon layer to create texture and depth.

My work ranges in price from £300 to £5,000, depending on size.

For all sales or enquiries, please contact me – details are on the Contact page.

I am happy to arrange a studio visit to view particular works or the many other works in stock. Please contact me through the Contact page.