Welcome to the website of Rory Browne.

Rory Browne is an artist who specializes in painting sea, land and city scapes.

Rory’s rich and vibrant landscapes have gained international as well as national recognition. His work resides in public and private collections both here in the UK and abroad. A graduate of the Chelsea School of Art, Rory seeks to reflect the beauty of the created world through his work. Whether focusing on city scapes, mountains or the coast, his work never ceases to engage the viewer. Rory says of his work; ‘It is my intention within each work to capture a sense of time and place. I would hope to present the viewer with a distilled image that would elicit a response of, ”I’ve been there!’’.

Through Rory’s paintings he seeks primarily to reflect the vibrancy and beauty of the created world around us. His work often alludes to the presence of the creator God, as well as a physical theme.  This reflects Rory’s belief that our inherent creativity is itself a reflection of the creator God, whose work we see in landscape but who is also deeply concerned for human needs and the individual.

“My hope is also that as you browse through the site, you will not see just pictures and images, but can look beyond them to the God who created them and find peace and meaning in the midst of your busy and demanding life.” Rory